De curand am avut ocazia sa citesc eBook-ul “The young man in business” (publicat in 1900 de catre Edward William Bok) din care am extras cateva pasaje numai bune de impartasit cu viitorii young man in business ­čÖé


– When a young man get’s into that frame of mind which makes him believe that “luck” is the one and only thing which can help him along, or that is even an element in business, it may be safely said that he is doomed to failure.

– The only lucky young man is he who has a sound constitution, with good sense to preserve it; who knows some trade or profession┬á thoroughly or is willing to learn it and sacrifice everything to its learning; who loves his work and has industry enough to persevere in it; who appreciates the necessity of self – restraint in all things, and who tempers his social life to those habits which refresh and not impair his constitution. That is luck,–the luck of having common sense. That is the only luck there is,–the only luck worth having; and it is something which every right-minded young man may have if he goes about it the right way.

– Nothing stamps the character of a house so clearly as the letters it sends out.

– To come into contact with the social side of people is broadening; it is educative. “To know people,” says a writer, “you must see them at play.”

– All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

– “A man cannot drink whisky and be in business.” – a softer interpretation of the idea would be this: a man cannot be in society and be in business. This is impossible, and nothing that a young man can bear in mind will stand him to such good account as this fact. No mind can be fresh in the morning that has been kept at a tension the night before by late hours, or befogged by indulgence in late suppers.

– No college on earth ever made a business man. The knowledge acquired in college has fitted thousands of men for professional success, but it has also unfitted other thousands for a practical business career.

– The electric atmosphere of the American business world is all too apt to make our young men impatient. They want to fly before they can even walk well.

– Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a business man isn’t made in a night.

– When he is ready to learn from others he will begin to grow wise.

– To look at the methods of others is always a mistake. The successes of to-day are not given to the imitator, but to the originator.

– It is easy enough for any young man to succeed, provided he is willing to bear in mind a few very essential truths:
First–Whatever else he may strive to be, he must be absolutely honest. From honorable principles he never should swerve. There can be no half-way compromise.
Second–He must be alert, alive to every opportunity. He cannot afford to lose a single point, for that single point may prove to be the very link that would make complete the whole chain of a business success.
Third–He must ever be willing to learn, never overlooking the fact that others have long ago forgotten what he has still to learn. Firmness of decision is an admirable trait in business. The young man whose opinions can be tossed from one side to the other is poor material. But youth is full of errors, and caution is a strong trait.
Fourth–If he be wise he will entirely avoid the use of liquors. If the question of harm done by intoxicating liquor is an open one, the question of the actual good derived from it is not.
Fifth–Let him remember that a young man’s strongest recommendation is his respectability. Some young men, apparently successful, may be flashy in dress, loud in manner, disrespectful to women and irreverent toward sacred things. But the young man who is respectable always wears best. The way a young man carries himself in his private life ofttimes means much to him in his business career. No matter where he is, or in whose company, respectability, and all that it implies, will always command respect.

– If any young man wishes a set of rules even more concise:
Get into a business you like.
Devote yourself to it.
Be honest in everything.
Be cautious. Think carefully about a thing before you act.
Sleep eight hours every night.
Do everything that means keeping in good health.
Don’t worry. Worry kills more men than work does.
Avoid liquors of all kinds.
If you must smoke, smoke moderately.
Shun discussion on two points,–religion and politics.
Marry a good woman, and have your own home.

Sper ca v-au starnit curiozitatea de a citi in totalitate aceasta carte (are foarte putine pagini/ poate fi downloadata de aici) si astept pareri.

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  1. Excelenta selectie de idei, Corina. Dupa ce am citit, stateam si ma gandeam ce bine ar fi fost daca as fi dat peste un text de genul acesta la inceputul muncii mele, acum 10-12 ani.


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